To help you out with the most common queries that you may have

Definitely. We frequently offer our common clients discounts. Be a part of the community. Additionally, we offer occasional discount sales, you can get our products at a discount then.

You can roam around our website & view various products. Select the product you’re interested to purchase. Provide the required information (like name & shipping address). Select payment method and wait till the product reaches you.

The raw materials of our products are purchase from trusted sellers and are made for fashion that suits you. Our brand declares the assurance of quality products. Your faith in our commitment is the assurance. Do view the product description before ordering.

We don’t have a physical store yet. But we have our head office at Seagler Road, Houston Texas. You can get our product by ordering online through our website.

While your way to checkout you’ll find various payment methods that we offer (like; wire transfers, digital wallets, VISA, Master Card, American Express, etc.). You can choose your suitable method there. Still, having trouble? Contact Us & our team will resolve your queries.

No. We are a retailer. We do have a huge inventory to have the products ready as the customer orders. But we main sell in any quantity that you want.

We mainly operate in the U.S. but we have an internally shipping channel to ship globally. Your order can surely reach you.

In the U.S. we can definitely offer that with an additional charge. But internationally it will vary. Contact us directly about your particular country to get a resolution of your query.

After you ordered a product if you don’t like the fit or want to replace it or if your product is damaged. Send us an email and we will resolve your query.

Contact us or send us an Email. We have a return policy in case if you want to change or replace the product.

Our Brand is a sole project and has no other ruling companies.

Acrylic knit: Most acrylic knit garments can be machine-washed. Read the label and check for the proper drying option. Some knits retain their shapes best if reshaped and dried flat.

Cotton: Cotton holds up well to home laundering. Remove the garment from the dryer promptly to reduce wrinkling. Press using spray starch for the crispness of a laundered shirt.

Cotton blend: Dry cotton-blend garments using your dryer’s permanent-press or low-heat cycle and remove immediately to reduce wrinkling. Touch up with a steam iron; starch for a professionally laundered look.

Polyester: Read the label. Usually, polyester items can be machine-washed (cool) and dried (low). Check the label to see if air-drying is recommended. Touch up with a cool – never hot – iron, if necessary.

Spandex: Use warm water when hand- or machine-washing items made with spandex. Line dry or use a low-temperature setting when machine-drying to preserve the elasticity of the garment.

We yet don’t have a kids section. But we hope to have one soon.